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We acknowledge that running our business has an impact on society and we feel that we have a duty to help others as much as possible. 

Julie Parr

Julie Parr
Chief Operating Officer

0191 212 7727

We are committed to behaving responsibly and to contribute towards minimising our impact on the environment and improving the quality of the local community.

The responsibility for our adherence rests with all employees throughout the firm and our environment, social, and governance (ESG) policy is reviewed on an annual basis.

In a move to involve as many of our staff as possible in our ESG activity, the firm has set up a staff social committee whose remit is to organise staff social events as well as get the wider firm involved in charity fundraising. All team members are encouraged to make suggestions in relation to further community or charity initiatives we could support.

Through our community work, we are privileged to meet many inspirational people who devote much of their time helping others.

We are committed to support local charities through sponsorship, events and fundraising initiatives. We encourage dialogue with local communities for mutual benefit and encourage our employees to help local community organisations and activities in our region by way of:


Supporting local charities

Supporting local students

  • Delivering presentations to law students at regional universities.
  • Sponsoring the best ‘Company Law Student’ prize at Leeds Law School.
  • Sponsoring West Jesmond Primary School’s STEM Week and donating raffle prizes for the summer and Christmas Fayre.

Supporting regional start-ups

Supporting local sports teams

Impact on the environment

  • We have procedures in place to improve waste management, save energy, recycle and re-use furniture and equipment wherever possible.
  • We provide all of our employees with water bottles to minimise the use of plastic water cooler cups.
  • We encourage our employees to reduce their own impact on the environment by using public transport or car share in order to travel to and from work. We also encourage our staff to cycle to work and provide shower facilities.
  • We encourage environmental responsibility amongst our contractors, suppliers and staff and include environmental considerations in our procurement processes.
  • We recycle paper, toners and ink cartridges.
  • We minimise our use of electricity by ensuring that all electrical equipment is turned off when not in use.
  • We encourage our staff to only print a document if necessary.

Supporting and protecting our people

  • We ensure that we do not risk the health and safety of our employees and community.
  • We support diversity and inclusion.
  • We create a better working environment and promote interaction by holding regular social events for our people.
  • We will continue to raise staff morale by supporting charities close to the hearts of our people.
  • We provide weekly fruit baskets to all employees as part of our ‘Healthy Workplace’ programme.