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A lot of premises licences these days include permitted extensions of hours for Bank Holidays. It is certainly worth having a look at your premises licence to see what it permits and whether in fact it restricts trading on public holidays.

If your temporary licence does not permit trading on Bank Holidays or provides no specific extension then you can apply for a Temporary Event Notice. You are permitted to apply for 12 Temporary Event Notices in a calendar year covering an aggregate period of 21 days. Temporary Events Notices periods operate within a 24 hour clock, so if you wish to have an event extending your licensable hours of 11 pm until 1 am, for example, you could do this with one Temporary Event Notice but it would take up two days of your entitlement (further restrictions apply).

Temporary Events Notices are a cheap way of applying for an extension of hours for particular occasions. For a more permanent solution please seek our advice on applying to vary your  licence and feel free to contact Matt Foster on 0191 212 7702 or email if you require further guidance in relation to Temporary Events Notices.

Remaining bank holidays of 2015:

  • Spring – 25th May
  • Summer – 31st August
  • Christmas – 25th December
  • Boxing Day – 28th December  (substitute day)

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