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Redundancies and restructures are an unfortunate yet sometimes necessary step for businesses to take in order to continue operating.

Mincoffs Solicitors’ expert employment team can advise employers affected by redundancies and restructures.

For an employer, restructuring or making redundancies can be extremely complex and it is vital to seek the advice of an employment solicitor from the beginning of the process to avoid costly mistakes that could lead to employment tribunal claims. It is the duty of employers to follow a fair procedure, which includes consultation with employees.

If faced with restructuring or making redundancies, the employment team at Mincoffs Solicitors are here to give clear and professional advice regarding the most effective procedures for providing statutory or contractual entitlements for your employees.

Mincoffs’ expert employment solicitors are honest, approachable and will be straight forward from the outset regarding your case, no hiding behind legal jargon. The team are able to support you through your claim, from initial consultation through to representing you at an employment tribunal.

If you are an employee seeking advice on redundancies and restructures, please click here to visit our personal page.

To speak to a member of our employment team, led by partner Nick Smith, call 0191 281 6151 or email

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