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As experts in licensing. our experience in drafting operating schedules with the appropriate conditions saves our clients both time and money.

It is vitally important when submitting an application for a new premises licence, or a club premises certificate, that it is accompanied by the appropriate operating schedule. This is something explained within government guidance and is expected of an applicant.  Operating schedules would usually be accompanied by a set of conditions proposed by the applicant, representing their assessment of the likely impact of premises, and what is required in order to address the licensing objectives.

Obviously, operating schedules and conditions are very different for different types of premises, for example you might expect the conditions attached to a restaurant to be far less robust than those attached to a nightclub.  This is a result of the risks associated with running those two very different types of premises.  Applicants who fail to take account of the type of premises that they are operating in the drafting of an operating schedule and conditions, can expect both opposition to that application and less success in applying.

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