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Election fever is upon us and the last few weeks has seen each party release its manifesto, which lays out in detail that party’s plans for government.  The parties’ commitments around fiscal responsibility and foreign policy continue to be scrutinised and debated but did you know that bees feature in not one but two manifestos?  That’s right, the Lib Dems promise legal protection for bumblebee nests while the Greens promise to help bees by banning the use of pesticide.

Bees aside, we got our heads together here in the Mincoffs Commercial Team to produce our own manifesto (of sorts).  Although we won’t be running the country, you trust us to advise you on your commercial legal affairs and we want to share our commitments with you.

1.We’re straightforward.

Like you, we get frustrated when politicians dodge questions and refuse to answer in a straightforward manner.  It’s a trust issue as are the inevitable questions about whether the manifesto commitments will even be implemented, given the major parties’ track record on u-turns.  We are transparent about what we can deliver.  If we say that we will produce a distribution agreement for you by the end of the week, we will do just that (unless we do it sooner!).

2.We are upfront about costs.

There has been a lot of commentary about whether manifesto commitments are “fully costed” as there is inevitable concern about how a prospective government’s policies would affect the wider economy and closer to home, an individual’s bank balance.  We know certainty around costs is essential and we provide clear upfront information on the costs involved with any work we carry out and keep you fully updated as the matter progresses; we know that the last thing you need is any surprises when it comes to cost.

3.We know our stuff.

We’ve all heard those terrible moments in interviews where politicians flounder, unable to recall the detail of their party policies.  With years of advising on commercial contracts under our belt, you can be sure that we will always be ready to help you.

4.We are not here to score points.

If like us, you have been frustrated by the strategies of some of the parties which involve heavy focus on the opposition, you’ll be pleased to hear that we are pragmatic in negotiations.  We focus on the important points to help you get the outcome you want as quickly as possible.  It’s about you not us.

5.We listen.

We know we provide the best service when we really get to know your business.  Unlike some politicians on the campaign trail, we won’t be paying lip service (nor will we be kissing any babies!).


We don’t mind bees but we won’t be making any promises about them.

We hope we get your vote next time you need any legal assistance on commercial contracts.  We draft and advise on the full range of commercial contracts from reviewing and drafting contracts with your customers to advising on your agreements with suppliers.  For more information click here.

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