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Dispute Resolution Solicitors Newcastle

Dispute resolution solicitors at Mincoffs law firm offering mediation services. Disputes and disagreements are part of commercial life.

Stewart Irvine, leads our experienced dispute resolution solicitors in Newcastle upon Tyne offering clients clear, practical and concise advice that is tailored to their circumstances. Our professional advisors have extensive experience offering cost effective resolutions for every business.

The team advises on a wide range of private and commercial disputes ranging from complex partnerships or shareholder issues, to general contractual disputes, defamation, injunctive relief, various contentious landlord and tenant and property related disputes as well as professional negligence matters.

Disputes are disruptive and the team acknowledges that this can be time consuming and sometimes costly to clients and businesses. Mincoffs dispute resolution solicitors approach all disputes in an effective manner, achieving the speediest resolution possible. 

Commercial Approach to Dispute Resolution

Taking a commercial approach to every case allows us to recognise that cost management is a priority. 

Using alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, disputes can be resolved. These include arbitration, mediation and by direct negotiation with an opposing party to broker settlement.

Specialist Dispute Resolution Advice

We will offer advice to decide whether to take the dispute to trial where an approach is not possible. In these circumstances, our solicitors will strike a balance for you by managing your dispute and protecting the case through the courts in a cost-conscious manner. We have other professional advisors available to resolve client concerns where dispute resolution is needed.

Meet the Newcastle dispute resolution team here.

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