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Social media has become an ever increasing part of our day to day lives, from keeping in touch with old family and friends, to creating new ones.  Subsequently social media is also playing a role in the breakdown of our relationships.

A recent survey has revealed 1 in 7 spouses consider divorce because of their spouse’s postings on social media sites and 1 in 5 couples admitting to daily rows because of social media. In addition 1 in 3 divorce petitions in England and Wales cite content found on social media for the breakdown of their marriage. Sites such as Facebook are playing important roles in collecting evidence of activities such as affairs, secret lifestyles or unreasonable behaviour.

Additionally information available on social media can have an impact on the separation process. Details of new relationships, new employment, changes in finances and even extravagant purchases could upset financial discussions or be used as evidence to prove that one party has lied about the extent of their wealth.

Can this all be legal? The simple answer is yes; anything that can be found on a Google search is in the public domain and deemed to be public information. It is therefore important that you are conscious of what you and others are posting, as once something is online, it cannot be removed.

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