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31 JANUARY 2014 – New changes to TUPE are introduced

6 APRIL 2014 – Early conciliation with ACAS begins for ET claims.

6 APRIL 2014 – Repeal of this discrimination questionnaire – replaced by an informal approach as advocated in ACAS guidance.

6 APRIL 2014 – Penalties in employment tribunal of 50% of any financial award for employers who lose are introduced – penalties will range from £100 to a maximum of £5000.

OCTOBER 2014 – Employment tribunals can order equal pay audits if an employer is found to have discriminated in relation to gender pay.

2014 – New Health & Safety assessment introduced – This will provide state funded health assessments of employees who have been absent on sickness leave for more than 4 weeks.

2014 – Right to request flexible working will be provided to all employees.

2015 – New shared system of parental leave & pay implemented.

2015 – Fathers and partners of pregnant women receive right to unpaid time off to attend ante natal appointments.

2015 – Adopters receive right to unpaid time off to attend adoption appointments.

2015 – Single or main adopters receive right to paid time off in order to attend 5 adoption appointments?

2015 – Parents will be allowed to take unpaid parental leave for all their children up to their 18th birthday.

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