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Important information for visitors to our office

Visiting our office

For the time being, please do not visit our office unless you have a pre-arranged appointment.  Meetings in our office will only take place as advised by your solicitor and where the use of telephone or video conferencing is not feasible.

Making an appointment

If a face-to-face meeting is necessary, your solicitor will make a provisional appointment.  You will then be sent a Covid-19 visitor questionnaire to complete either online or return by email or post.  The questionnaire cannot be completed over the telephone nor can it be completed when you attend our office.

Please note, appointments will only be confirmed if you complete the Covid-19 visitor questionnaire in advance.  If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions, you will not be able to proceed with your appointment and we will arrange for a telephone or video meeting to go ahead or we will rearrange your appointment.

If you would prefer not to complete the questionnaire that is fine – again, we will reschedule the appointment for another date or arrange for a telephone or video meeting.

Should you start to experience any symptoms of COVID-19 after completing the questionnaire and before your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible and we will make alternative arrangements.

Arriving for your pre-arranged appointment

Meeting point – On arrival in the car park, please call the solicitor you are meeting and they will come and meet you outside and escort you into the building. Please do not bring family members unless they are required to attend the meeting.

Face coverings – Please observe the government requirement to wear a face covering before entering our office and keep the face covering on until you leave, unless you have a legitimate reason not to wear a face covering.  You may be asked to temporarily remove your face covering for identification purposes.

Social distancing – Please observe the government social distancing guidance when visiting our office at all times for your safety and that of our team members.

Using the lift and stairs – Only one person at a time should use the lift unless those using the lift are from the same household.  You will be shown into the lift and directed to the correct floor and you will be met outside of the lift.  Should you not wish to use the lift, you make take the stairs, although please note, only one person at a time should use the stairs.

Timing – Please arrive at the time of your appointment.  If you arrive more than 15 minutes early, then we may need to ask you to wait outside the building.

Meeting rooms – Your meeting will be held in an appropriate meeting room with a capacity to maintain social distancing.  Our meeting rooms will be cleaned between each meeting.

Documentation – If you are required to sign documents during the meeting, you should bring your own pen.  If you forget to do so, then you will be provided with a pen that you should take away with you.

Refreshments – Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer refreshments during your meeting.

Toilet facilities – Only one person will be permitted to visit the same toilet facilities at any one time.


General hygiene

Surfaces and touchpoints including door handles and light switches will be cleaned regularly.

Hand sanitiser will be available as you enter the building, as will be complimentary facemasks.

Meeting room windows will be opened to provide ventilation.

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