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The Government has announced that it will be increasing the fees paid by gambling operators to the Gambling Commission.

From 1 October 2021, annual license fees for online gambling operators will be increased by 55%, annual fee discounts for multiple licenses will be removed, and all applications fees will be increased by 60%.

An increase in annual licences fees of 15% for land-based operators will be postponed until 1 April 2022 to take in to account the impact of the pandemic.

In the Government’s announcement, the increase in gambling fees is accounted to “help[ing] the Gambling Commission respond to new risks and technological developments.”

“The uplift in fees will provide the Gambling Commission with greater resources to tackle new challenges such as product and payment innovation. This new structure will mean that the Gambling Commission is better equipped to deal with the changing landscape of the gambling industry which has become increasingly global in nature. The regulator will also be better placed to address the risks associated with unlicensed operators and the need to protect consumers and the industry from ‘black market’ encroachment.”

You can read the full consultation outcome for the ‘Proposals for changes to Gambling Commission fees from 1 October 2021’ here.

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