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Licensing and Gaming Solicitors Newcastle

Our Newcastle licensing solicitors specialise in entertainment, gaming, alcohol and gamblings licensing, from premises licence and temporary events notices to online gambling applications and operating licences.

Matt Foster our Partner and Head of Licensing and Gaming leads our team of licensed solicitors providing expert advice on licensing laws to breweries, pubs, hotels, clubs, supermarkets and restaurants for over 50 years. 

Licensing and Gaming Expertise

The Licensing and Gaming team at Mincoffs Solicitors is ranked in the top tier of the  Legal 500– the independent guide to the top law firms.

The earlier the professional team can identify problems, the better they can resolve them in a timely manner. Often early negotiations with licensing authorities and other businesses can prevent prosecutions and reviews, saving your time and money, disruption and unwanted publicity. The licensing objectives can be met through responsible bodies and ensure regulated entertainment.

Everyday our experienced professionals deal with local authorities and can prepare supporting evidence to present your interests and improve your procedures and policies in line with the Licensing Act 2003. The team at Mincoffs Solicitors will do their best to avoid contested situations, but if necessary the team of lawyers will appear on your behalf before licensing committees and the magistrates’ court, both nationally and in the North East. 

The burden upon businesses to comply with various regulations, statutory instruments, new legislations and government guidance is increasing. The implications of non-compliance can be felt both in terms of personal and financial liability. The specialist team works with many corporate bodies and SMEs who find themselves the subject of investigations/prosecutions by Councils, the Policies and various government agencies. We work closely with clients to develop policies, update procedures and prepare for and avoid prosecutions. 

Licensing and Gaming Legislation

Due to our experience in Licensing and Gaming and its associated legislation, we are experienced in dealing with various situations in which prosecutions are taken or threatened against our clients. When faced with prosecution, the most important thing for you to do is seek immediate legal advice to protect yourself, your staff and your business. Any delay at the initial stage can result in additional damages and cost to your business.

In addition to the regulatory defence work we undertake, we also represent the Security Authority and the Environment Agency in relation to various matters across the North East of England amongst the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Mincoffs Solicitors also provide Licensing and Gaming advice on:

  • Premises Licences and club Premises Certificates. 
  • Temporary Large Scale Events. 
  • Alcohol Licences Solicitors. 
  • Operating Schedules, Licences and Policies. 
  • Review Proceedings.
  • Appeals and Judicial Reviews Solicitors Newcastle. 
  • Noise and Waste Regulations Solicitors Newcastle.
  • Personal Licences, Transfers and Interim Authority Notices.
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