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A new video platform enabling more remote cases to be heard safely and securely is being rolled out to the civil and family courts.

Over 120 courts are set to have more reliable video tech that improves court hearings.  Extending it to civil and family proceedings means that all courts in England and Wales will have the technology needed to hold remote hearings, giving users a safer and more accessible service, whilst ensuring justice continues to be served.

The announcement forms part of the wider HMCTS recovery plan, which sets out how courts will tackle the expected increase in outstanding cases due to Covid-19.  Plans include:

  • Increasing capacity by identifying several new ‘Nightingale’ court sites to increase capacity
  • Assessing whether there is a need to extend operating hours
  • Determining how best to hold jury trials in a socially distanced way.

The Cloud Video Platform is being rolled out to further Crown and Magistrates courts this month and it’s scheduled to be available in all criminal courtrooms by the end of July.


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