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Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Taking disputes to trial can be a lengthy and costly process and in some circumstances it is not the best approach. If a resolution can be achieved without the need to go to trial, our solicitors will try their best to help facilitate that. Many commercial contracts require parties to try alternative methods of resolving disputes when they arise and our team is ready to guide you through those processes to achieve the result that is right for you.

Our alternative dispute resolution team is highly experienced in the following areas:

Negotiation: resolving disputes by holding discussions and coming to an agreement which is mutually agreed by the parties.

Arbitration: a dispute is submitted to be heard by a third party, an arbitrator, who is neither a judge nor a court.

Adjudication: a dispute is submitted to an adjudicator (selected by the parties) who gives a decision on the dispute based on the information he is given by the parties. The decision is not binding on the parties.

Mediation: a voluntary process (the parties are not obliged to take part) whereby an impartial, independent third party helps the parties in dispute to find a mutually acceptable resolution.

For sound, pragmatic advise about the forms of alternative dispute resolution available to you call our Dispute Resolution team on 0191 281 6151 or email Stewart Irvine, Head of Dispute Resolution on

Whatever the nature of your dispute, for expert legal advice contact:

Stewart Irvine

Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution

T: 0191 212

Stewart is "level-headed, professional and pragmatic".
Legal 500, 2019

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