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Christmas is almost upon us!  It is that time of year when operators will start to focus on making the most of the Christmas period with Christmas parties, restaurant bookings and special events.  If you have any special events coming up which you anticipate might operate outside of your existing permitted hours or licensed activities, then it is definitely worth considering applying for a Temporary Events Notice.

Very briefly, you can apply for 12 temporary events notices per calendar year covering a period of 21 days in total.  Each temporary event notice can last up to 7 days and temporary events notices operate within the 24 hour clock.  I say that to explain that any temporary event notice that starts before midnight and ends after midnight will still be one temporary event notice but will take up 2 days of your entitlement.  So if you want to make the most of your entitlements in terms of both the number of temporary events notices you are applying for and also the number of days you can use in total, then it is worth considering how you are going to use your temporary events notices (with your calendar open in front of you).  Temporary events notices can be used for a maximum of 499 people which includes any staff or security.  They can either operate in relation to a defined building, an area, or a defined space within a building.

If you need any help in applying for temporary events notices we can submit these on your behalf.  It is worth bearing in mind that you will receive a full new entitlement in January.

Have yourself a very merry Christmas from Mincoffs.

For further advice or assistance relating to this please contact Matt Foster, Partner and Head of Licensing and Gaming at Mincoffs Solicitors on 0191 212 7702 or email


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