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Meet our trainees

Meet our Trainees - Jordan Down

Name: Jordan Down, Solicitor (former Mincoffs trainee, qualified May 2019)

Educational Background: Law LLB at Newcastle University, LPC at Northumbria University

Department: Commercial Property

Training Contract Seats: Corporate, Commercial Litigation, Commercial Property

What made you apply to Mincoffs? Mincoffs stood out to me as an exciting, fast-growing firm with a brilliant reputation and a clear vision for its future. I took part in the firm’s vacation scheme and I was delighted to find that all the staff I encountered were friendly and down-to-earth. It was refreshing to see that Mincoffs was not stagnating like some of its competitors and I spotted a chance for me to grow alongside the firm and join in its progression. I was also excited by Mincoffs preference for promoting from within, with many of the partners of the firm having joined as Trainees or NQs. The biggest factor for me was that Mincoffs generally recruits a lower amount of Trainees than its competitors. This means more one-to-one training and more direct contact with partners. I preferred the idea of being an integral part of a team and a firm rather than simply a face in the crowd of trainees.

What was your favourite part of your training contract? I’ve found the flexibility of Mincoffs training process to be quite unique compared to other firms. The firm will listen to your career ambitions and will, where able, allow you to be more flexible in your seat-choices and length of stay in each seat. This has allowed me to focus more on the areas of practice I am interested in. As one of only a handful of trainees, it’s reassuring to feel that the firm genuinely cares about my career progression and does not see its Trainees simply as assets to be placed in the department that is busiest.

What advice would you give to future trainees? Be clear with the firm about where you want to be by the end of your training contract. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or not know the answer to a question – you’re here to learn! Finally, be friendly! The stereotype of the uppity grumpy lawyer is just that – a stereotype!



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