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Training Guide

Training Guide

On the right path.
Helping you to reduce the risk for your business of successful discrimination claims.

Mincoffs Solicitors LLP has produced a straight forward and user friendly anti-discrimination training guide and accompanying case studies for employers.

By introducing this guide and the accompanying case studies can allow the employer – in the event claim(s) for discrimination are then issued in the Employment Tribunal after the training guide has been implemented – to seek to rely upon what is called the “reasonable steps” defence.

If this “reasonable steps” defence is accepted by the Tribunal the individual employee who committed the discriminatory act(s) in the first place (and therefore not the employer) will be held personally liable for any compensation awarded in relation to the discrimination claim(s).

The total cost of producing this guide and case studies is £499 plus VAT. Please contact Nick Smith, Partner and Head of Employment on 0191 212 7739 or email to order a guide.


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